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The Facts Ma’am….Nothing But The Facts

Chicago policeman Phillip Tolomed on his Harley-Davidson Servi-Car interviews Mrs. Elisabeth Peterson and a passerby. At the same time Officer Michael Ricci on the stairs interviews Mrs. Lorraine Scholwin at 4921 Lester. They were casing the neighborhood after a serious crime had happened on Oct. 20, 1955. Photo by Chicago Sun-Times photographer Walters.

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  1. The Chicago Police Department was investigating the murder of three boys: Robert Peterson, 14; John Schuessler, 13; and his brother Anton Schuessler, 11; on October 16, 1955. They had failed to return home after watching a movie. The boys bodies were found on October 18, 1955, naked and strangled to death, in the Robinson Forest Preserve by a salesman stopping to have his lunch.

    In 1972 the crime file filled about 15 filing cabinets. Although there were 50 confessions to the crime, 3,500 suspects questioned, and a house by house search conducted of 23 square miles, the murders remained unsolved. Striations found on one of the Schuessler boys matched the markings of the floor mats found in 1942 – 1951 Packard cars. Police then examined 970 Packards in the Chicago area looking for further clues, but they did not turn up anything helpful.

    Why they were killed, where they were actually killed, and what happened to their clothing remains a mystery. The murders were frequently mentioned in local newspapers around the anniversary date of their death for about 20 years and occasionally thereafter. As the original primary detectives and policemen on the case retired the brothers were almost always mentioned in their retirement biographies.

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