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1909 Brighton Beach October 24 Hour Race…The Bridegroom Wins The Race

The last Brighton Beach 24 hour race we will cover is the final event of the 1909 season. It had been delayed from its original starting date in September because of bad weather. Smiling Ralph Mulford who had planned to get married on the weekend of October 15-16 had to shuffle his plans when the race was rescheduled to that date. He and his bride were married just before the event on Friday and the honeymoon had to wait.

The Buicks of Burman and Chevrolet were punished in the first half of the race to the breaking point, staying out in the lead as we have witnessed them do before. From that point on the two Loziers of Mulford and Patschke and Cobe and Seymour took over first and second places and finished the race in that order. Mulford and Patschke set a new record of 1196 miles, which was 19 more than the Simplex had set previously. Cobe and Seymour in second went 1169 miles. Mulford and his bride where them able to go off on their honeymoon and celebrate. You can read a very interesting full account of the race below. Photo from the Peter Helck Collection courtesy of Racemaker Press.


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  1. I have the exact same lineup photo glued to page one of a scrapbook started October 28, 1909, do you know what paper or magazine it was in?

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