Miss Dangerous Curves,1954

This is Miss Helen Fleming, 18  of Golden, Colorado, she was chosen to be “Miss Dangerous Curves of 1954″ and she reigned over the Buffalo Bill Mountain hill climb for sports cars on August 7th. and 8th. In addition to that press clipping on the back of the photo is a note mentioning Lookout Mountain. It was published in an unknown area newspaper. The car is a Jaguar carrying a very interesting non-standard bumper. The Old Motor press photo.

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  1. TF Wagner says:

    A great site for vintage auto research. Thank you for being here. {:{)}

  2. Report on the hillclimb can be found here:


    The course was first used in 1952, and climbed through 2000 ft, ending at over 8000 ft, with 56 curves.

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