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St. Petersburg Florida….1946

A December 14, 1946 press photo which was taken at 9 th and Central, mid-day showing the two policeman required to keep traffic moving. It also gives use an interesting vie of the primarily pre-war automobiles on the road. The oldest car in the photo appears to be a circa 1930 sedan in the left-hand bottom of the photo. The Old Motor photo.

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  1. Posted for Bob Croslin ….David, the other thing notable in this pic is the sidewalks paved with hexagonal colored cement tiles. This practice began in the early 1900’s and they were even used as flooring in some early buildings. We have a general store built in St. Petersburg in 1915 at Heritage Village that originally had them, so when we moved it and restored it, we used them again. If you look closely at the bench advertising Glidden Paints, it’s one of St. Pete’s famous green benches. As a kid in the fifties, we’d go downtown and the sidewalks were crowded with them, all filled with elderly residents socializing.

    In the middle of Central Ave you can see the tracks of the streetcar line originally started by Walter Fuller, an early developer during the land boom of the roaring twenties. To get people to his developments, he ran them all the way down Central Ave eight miles from Tampa Bay to Boca Ciega Bay as well as to the city of Gulfport where an ostrich farm was located. Some things haven’t changed as it’s still pretty easy to be hoodwinked into buying swamp land here in Florida.

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