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Knox…..The Pride Of Springfield.

The Knox was manufactured in Springfield, Ma to very high standards. Knox first got his start with an air-cooled three wheeler and stayed with air cooling on the early models continuing with the four wheeled cars he next built. His first truck unit was a big three wheeled tractor for pulling a trailer.

He continued on to built this more conventional chain-drive truck that we see above which may have been from Upstate NY. A number of Knox’s ended up as fire trucks but I am unsure if he supplied them as a chassis or a complete truck. This photo is printed from a glass plate negative and is incredibly clear.

We will cover the very successful Knox automobiles at a later date along with their racing cars.

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  1. I was doing some research on our old 1911 Knox and stumbled upon this post. Quite amazing actually. Especially when I realized that the truck in this picture belongs to the Lexington Fire Department in Lexington, Kentucky. It was the LFD’s first motorized pumper. I believe that it was a complete truck when purchased, but I can not confirm that. I have a digital copy of that exact photo as well as two others of the truck. It is currently in mostly original, unrestored condition, and considering it is 105 years old it looks pretty good. Our mechanics had it running about 20 years ago and drove it in a parade. They were scared of the wooden wheels. I also have a picture of a restored 1912 Knox from Ithaca, NY.

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