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Pacific Auto Works

It must have been a whole different scene in the auto repair business back in the late 20s, when this photo was taken in Los Angeles. Automobiles needed so much more care and repairing than they do today. I am assuming, judging by some of the photos of elaborate repair shops and garages, that at the time there must have been good profits in larger cities.

It was also fairly common to keep your automobile in a local garage for storage, care and repair if you lived in a populated area and could afford to do so. You would call the garage and they would send a driver out with the car to your home who would be available to be at your service if needed. When you were done with the car, you would drop it off at the garage and they would clean, service and store it until your next journey.

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  1. This building was at 1910 Long Beach Boulevard in Long Beach, California. It was designed by the firm Schilling and Schilling in 1928, and the construction was finished in 1929. The original manager of the Pacific Auto Works was Gerald B. Martin. Note how the shape of the building looks like a stylized radiator.

    The building still exists, and it can be seen at the link below. Remove the two instances of the word “dot” and replace them with a period symbol to view the image.

    friendsofsdarch dot photoshelter dot com/image/I0000trIp2HVAJFw

    Schilling and Schilling designed at least one other California car dealership. Hancock Motors, at the corner of East Anaheim Street and Linden Avenue, was originally a Hupmobile dealer. This building also still exists.

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