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The Winton Bullets No. 2 and No. 3 on Ormond Beach

A photo of the Winton team posing on the beach at Daytona-Ormond which in reality were one and the same. The Ormond name was used for primarily the early winter speed meets. Both the Bullet No. 2 and No. 3 were at the 1904 speed meet and Oldfield evidently was able to set a worlds record at the time for a mile. Oldfield’s No. 2  was a straight eight (the 3rd. thumbnail below from the Automobile Review gives full details) and Graham’s racer was a four.

Both cars were built primarily for the Gordon-Bennett race of 1904, unfortunately they both had problems and left the race early. Thumbnail four below gives details of both cars later on in the season when they were piloted by different drivers.  Photo courtesy of Racemaker Press.


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  1. David, Ormond (no Beach then) was host to the very first speed turnament in the U.S in March of 1903 and A. Winton was here with the Winton Bullet which would later be renamed #1. He set an American record but no world record. The next meet was Jan of 1904 and Winton came back lwith the bullet #2 but had no luck with Oldfield driving. The world record in the mile was set by William K. Vanderbilot in 1904. Ormond and Daytona Beacxh was and is two seperate entities and in 1903 Daytona Beach did not exist.

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