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An Attractive PI Rolls-Royce Ascot Bodied Phaeton

Joe Puleo has been kind enough to share his album of Rolls-Royce photos which were taken by Alden Handy. He has done some research into this photo and here are his words: About the photo… this is not one of Handy’s pictures. His note identifies it as having been taken by Chapin Wallour in 1943… a car he had previously owned (i.e. before the album was put together in the late 40’s). I googled Mr. Wallour thinking with a name like that he might be readily identifiable. It turns out he was Harvard, class of ’42. There is an article from a 1941 Harvard Crimson about his participation in a high wheel bicycle race. There are several other war time photos attributed to him. He must have been a friend, as Handy also mentions he gave him his first ride in a RR.

No doubt this car has had a very good chance of surviving, do any of our readers know if it has and where it might be today?

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