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Cute Kids and a Bumper Car

Two youngsters who appear to be having a wonderful time enjoying a bumper car at an amusement park, on the Northwest side of Chicago, on July 16, 1927. Can any of our readers tell us the name of this park or the brand of car they are enjoying?  The Old Motor photo.

2 responses to “Cute Kids and a Bumper Car

  1. Posted for Robert Cunningham, These children were driving an electric Custer Cootie, built by L. Luzern Custer of Dayton, Ohio. Custer’s production of miniature automobiles in a variety of styles began in 1920. The Cootie was their best seller, and many were wrapped with spring steel bumpers for use in amusement parks, as shown above. Hollywood stars were often photographed in Cooties at a large amusement park in Los Angeles; this photo may have been taken there. Custer later produced miniature Carrier trucks, Cabbie railroad engines, and small racers. They built electric wheel chairs for the disabled, and large motorized chairs to transport tourists over the grounds of the 1939-40 New York World’s Fair.

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