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Street Scene….Rutland Vermont, 1908

A busy street scene, from 1908. The location is Wales Street in Rutland, VT looking north, just south of Center Street. It appears to have been a one way street, and today it is, but in the opposite direction. Over the years, Rutland Machine & Auto Co. were agents for Buick, Franklin, Chalmers, Studebaker, EMF and Saxon. The car coming toward the photographer is a Reo, owned by Edward L. Staples. The roadster parked at the curb to the left with the top positioned part way up as a dust protector, appears to be a Ford.

Note the great signage on the building which must have been done by Powell who was a sign painter who may have been on the third floor. It appears that he also did other work as on the left side of the third floor is a sign for carriage painting. The Old Motor photo.

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