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Henry and Edsel Ford Show Off the New V-8 60

A press photo dated Nov. 11, 1936, which appears to be Henry and Edsel Ford introducing the new V-8 60, as it came to be called. The larger V-8 which came out in 1932 was 221 c.i. and the h.p. had been increased to 85 h.p. by 1935.

The new engine was aimed at economy, was 136 c.i. and was only available in the stan-dard model 74 starting in 1937. From the published accounts we were able to find, its last year of production appears to have been in 1940. In 1941 Ford came out with the first six-cylinder engine since the last Model K which was produced in 1908.  Model K Ford was not well liked by Henry and from that point on he stayed with fours and the V-8. The V-8 engine later went on to being popular in midget racing along with use in smaller motor boats. The Old Motor photo.

4 responses to “Henry and Edsel Ford Show Off the New V-8 60

  1. A version of the V8 60 saw widespread use in postwar cars produced by Ford in Germany and France well into the 1950’s. Thanx for another great historic pic, David.

  2. That’s a 1937 85 hp Ford in the background. It was unique in 85 hp production (21 head bolts but waterpumps down as motor mounts.) I wish we could read the grille badge.

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