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Downtown Ypsilanti Michigan…..1955

A photo showing downtown Ypsilanti, Michigan, that is dated as being taken on Nov. 17, 1955. It is hard to read the writing on the back of the photo, but it appears that this may have been taken on Washington Street. It is an interesting photo in that it gives us a good view of cars on the street in that time period. The Old Motor photo.

One response to “Downtown Ypsilanti Michigan…..1955

  1. This photo was taken on Washington Street between Michigan Avenue (behind the camera) and Pearl Street. The Huron Hotel building is still at the corner of Washington and Pearl Streets, but it is now an office building.

    The Hotel Huron was actually built by the City of Ypsilanti. Volunteers sold stock to the citizens , 650 people subscribed, and $200,000 was raised to erect the hotel. The building was designed and built by the H. L Stevens Company, and it opened up on January 1, 1923. Originally built with four floors, in 1925 there was a second stock issue, and the addition of two floors was competed in 1926. The 100 room hotel was sold by the city in 1963. In 1978 it was renamed the Centennial Center.

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