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Early Alco Lighting

Very interesting lighting is shown here, which is carried on a friend’s 1908 6-cylinder Alco. The acetylene  headlamp above is after French pattern, is quite large and carries a very interesting magnifying lens in front of the gas burner. The oil side lamp carries a very interesting pagoda style font on the top.

In case you are new to early non electrically lit cars, the side and tail lamps on early cars operate like most any oil lamp. The oil or kerosene is carried in the small tank at the bottom and an adjustable wick in the oil enters the lamp body and is lit with a match. It is then adjusted with the small round hand-wheel until it burns cleanly. The Old Motor photo.

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  1. David, as I’ve mentioned before, your images of brass bits have a wonderful patina to them that really bring out their quality. Thanx, again.

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