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Alden Handys Phantom II Rolls-Royce

This photo is of Alden Handy’s own P II and it carries the following note: J.R. Owen, Ltd. town Sedan body, 4 passenger, black. Bought of F. Wynne Paris, Newton, Mass, 29 Sept-ember, 1947. Taken by Mystic Lakes, Winchester, Mass, 18 October, 1947. This is the best photograph I have of my car.

Joe Puleo who has been sharing the Alden Handy photos with us, took this album in trade as part payment for working on this car for Alden Handy’s nephew and has this to say about it: This is the car I worked on in the 1970s. It was completely unrestored beyond the fact that it may have been painted, though I think not. It certainly hadn’t been painted since this picture was taken. I was under the impression that this was the 2nd body on the chassis and at one time it had belonged to Gladys Swarthout, an opera singer and movie star.

5 responses to “Alden Handys Phantom II Rolls-Royce

  1. #220AMS was originally fitted with a Brewster Keswick Towncar body which was later replaced by this Gurney Nutting Sedanca de Ville body that came from Phantom II #17TA.

  2. I was almost killed in this car when I was being returned to boarding school after Thanksgiving vacation about 1948; we were driving from Newton
    to Worcester along the Worchester Pike, to Fay School. Hit some ice and spun out; went shooting off the highway at high speed, heading for eternity. Better plans prevailed, however, and a dirt roadway received us, after spinning around a time or two, instead of one of the many full grown trees. My father (F. Wynne Paris) actually had 2 Phantoms at this time, and was frequently in close touch with Larry Beals, (another Philadelphia boy) of Suizza Hispaniola fame, living then in Framingham.

  3. Alden Handy left this Rolls Royce to my father Richard Peters when he passed. I have very fond memories of driving around Riverside, RI in the 1970’s , even taking it to the drive – in! With gas then costing a fortune, along with the maintenance for such a beautiful car, we sold it to Ted Leonard in 1978. Such a beauty, I miss her!

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