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California Dreaming?

A press photo dated February 5, 1958, showing the traffic congestion problems that were common even fifty-three years ago. Most of the cars are American with the oldest being circa 1932 in the fast lane at the bottom. We can also see two imported sports cars; a Triumph along with an Austin Healey can both be seen in the fast lane. Check the enlargement for more detail. The Old Motor photo.

3 responses to “California Dreaming?

  1. Posted for QCMC, Also interesting to note several makes that are no longer in existence. I think I spot a ’54 or so Packard along with a Pontiac, Oldsmobile and some Chrysler products. I’m sure I’ve missed some.

  2. Considering that it is circa 1958, two things stand out to me: 1. The double-bottom rig on the bridge and 2. Four traffic lanes in each direction.

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