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Caleb Bragg Slides into the Lead – Peter Helck

1912 Bragg Slid into the Lead. Caleb Bragg is seen just after passing Bergdoll’s Benz for the lead on his way to winning the Grand Prize race at Milwaukee. Near the end of the race Ralph DePalma in his Mercedes collided with the rear of Bragg’s car on a frenzied charge to the front after being given an incorrect pit signal. This resulted in DePalma crashing out of the race only three days after having won the Vanderbilt Cup race on the very same course.

Before the race popular driver David Bruce-Brown and his mechanic died after taking his Fiat out for a practice lap after being told the track was closed. He had been warned by authorities that he had a bad tire when he went out, and it failed, causing the crash.  Peter Helck artwork, courtesy of The Helck Family.


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