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Lou Disbrow and The Pope Hummer

A pair of very rare photos from the Peter Helck collection, showing Lou Disbrow in his Pope-Hartford Hummer racing car. This was only a 389 c.i. four, but it did very well against other cars that had engines over twice the size as it did.

In the 1911 Vanderbilt which was held in Savanna, Georgia, he managed a very respectable finish of sixth. Only three days later in the Grand Prize race, he did quite well again, being the best placing American car with a fifth place finish. In this race he was again competing against other entries with engines twice the size. Photos courtesy of Racemaker Press.

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  1. Have you uncovered any more history of Disbrows’ “Pope-Hummer”? are there any indications of the engine that it ran? I came across a picture album that included images of what could be the basis for the Pope-Hummer, Disbrows’ fathers ’06 Pope-Hartford roadster.

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