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A Kaiser-Frazer Dealership Pickup Truck

Our good friend Dan Strohl, posted this photo on the Hemmings Motor News Blog and had this to say about this unique Kasier-Frazer pickup up truck: The photos came to Hemmings courtesy John Conde, then AMC’s assistant director of public relations and one of the few Detroit insiders with a deep sense of automotive history.

Conde wrote that David J. Chavis was a Kaiser-Frazer dealer in South Gate, California, who had the pickup built for him by Voltaire Motors in San Diego in 1948 out of a wrecked Kaiser. As Conde elaborated, Voltaire was identified by Henry J. Kaiser in a memo dated November 22, 1948, as “an extinct Kaiser-Frazer dealer,” so it didn’t take long for somebody at Voltaire to get on Kaiser’s bad side. Follow the link above to see more photos of this Kasier that Dan has posted at HMN.

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