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Alden Handy Packard and Pierce-Arrow Photos

Alden Handy, in the late forties and early fifties had an eye for cars from the “Classic Era”. If you have been following this series of photos from his scrapbook, courtesy of Joe Puleo, we have seen many photos that he took of special, twenty something year old cars at the time.

Here are two more photos that he took, which are only labeled Pierce-Arrow, 1951 and Packard, 1950. The Pierce is a late 1920s-early 1930s phaeton. The Packard is a 1930-31 Senior series, with what appears to be a convertible sedan body, which may have a divider window. We are going to let you classic car experts in the audience, tell us all the facts about this pair of fine automobiles and if you can, we would like to know if the bodies are custom or catalog models.

3 responses to “Alden Handy Packard and Pierce-Arrow Photos

  1. The Packard is a 1931 Model 840, Custom Convertible Sedan, with a Dietrich body. Ray Dietrich was the in-house body designer for Packard from the late 1920’s until the mid 1930’s.

  2. I believe the first photo is of a car I currently own. I have owned this car since 2004. The car is a 1932 Pierce Arrow Sport Phaeton. I removed the bumperettes and replaced the missing piece of chrome on the drivers side rear fender. The top of the drivers side sidemount mirror has been changed above the spare tire. I have frontal photos of the car before I removed the bumperettes. The stain is still on the bumper where the bumperettes used to be which corresponds to your photo.

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