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A Taga Ford Model T

This postcard which we found in France, shows us a Taga Ford, which appears to be a custom bodied Model T Ford. There was also a firm in France by the name of Montier, that produced a similar looking Ford and ran a car with it in the first running at Le Mans in 1923. Montier also made their own Ford based racing cars along with producing their own OHV racing head for the Ford motor. The Model T Ford Club of France site tells much more about Montier along with many interesting photos. Can any of our readers tell us more about the Taga firm? The Old Motor photo.

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  1. This model is/was called the Torpedo Sport Luxe and was produced in 1921 at Courbevoie, Seine. The company only survived that one year. Unfortunately this is all the info i have amongst my notes. Sorry.

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