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The “Electronic” Revisted

Thanks to Geoff Hacker who runs the comprehensive website, Forgotten Fiberglass, all about kit cars and vintage fiberglass, we have more details on the the “Electronic” which we showed photos of the other day. The car started out as a kit, which you can read about below and later turned into a combined effort to build the hybrid. Geoff Hacker is working on a post about all of this and we will link this to it when he has it on his site. Photos and information courtesy of Geoff Hacker.

One response to “The “Electronic” Revisted

  1. Gad, that car is ugly. Regardless of the time period there are car designs where the elements work together (Cord 810) and those that are chaotic (Pontiac Aztec, to name one). This thing sure falls into the latter class.

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