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1912 Gallant Defeat – Peter Helck

A few days ago we showed scenes of the Tom Alley wreck and the 1912 Indianapolis 500. Today we have the Peter Helck artwork, “1912 Gallant Defeat” showing the scene as Ralph DePalma and his riding mechanic Rupert Jeffkins, push the wounded Mercedes down the front stretch after a connecting rod broke on the last lap of the 1912 race. Joe Dawson (below) in second place before the incident and over five laps behind DePalma takes the blue National home to a surprise victory. The print of the original painting is courtesy of  The Helck Family.

3 responses to “1912 Gallant Defeat – Peter Helck

  1. DePalma’s riding mechanic was Rupert Jeffkins, an Australian, who, having achieved world renown through this effort, returned home and attempted to start a Speedway in Melbourne as well manufacture a wholly Australian built car. Sadly WW1 supply problems bought about the demise of the car, The Roo, and lack of competitors contributed to the failure of the Speedway.

    More information can be found on the Rupert Jeffkins facebook page.

  2. Well, maybe. My grand dad, Charles Bury, was the mechanic. We are trying to figure out who pushed that car over the finish line with Depalma.

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