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Eddie Rickenbacker and Maxwell

Eddie Rickenbacker is shown here at the 1915 Vanderbilt Cup race in San Francisco in one of the early Maxwell teams cars. Rickenbacker and the Maxwell racing story is one that we will cover here in the future. He went out early in this race with ignition problems. Note the early slender, Taylor manufactured Boyce motometer mounted off to the side of the tee-handled radiator cap. Peter Helck Collection photo courtesy of Racemaker Press.

3 responses to “Eddie Rickenbacker and Maxwell

  1. Rest in peace Capt. Eddie,

    Our thoughts on this Veteran’s Day are with you and the valient young men who fought, and yes, perished in the sky’s and fields of France. Your an inspiration to millions.

  2. Eddie Rickenbacker was a fine example of German-American manhood. Thank God he was born in America. His magnificent courage gives an insight into why Germany held out so long in two world wars. It was men like Rickenbacker that stopped them.

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