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A Type 57 Bugatti at The Larz Anderson Park

A Type 57 Bugatti shown in photos from the Alden Handy album, they are labeled “Brookline, Mass.” Joe Puleo who has shared the Handy album with us had this to say: “Handy must have been impressed with this car as he took three pictures. Note the “MD” insignia and the 1951 Mass license plates. It appears to be at the Larz Anderson Park”. Joe is indeed correct and the owner may have been attending an early antique car event at the Larz Anderson Auto Museum.

Can any of our readers tell us more about this attractive coupe and has it survived?


8 responses to “A Type 57 Bugatti at The Larz Anderson Park

  1. Couldn’t say why, but it tickles me that the 57 is parked next to those contemporary Ford and Chevy cars. I guess you wouldn’t see them together at Pebble Beach these days.

  2. Posted for Mark A. Patrick,
    This Atalante was owned at the time by Dr. Samuel Scher, the Bugatti collector. He wrote up his thoughts in an article published in the Nov. 1953 issue of Bugantics–he titled the article Bugattis I have Owned and it’s a delightful read. Karl Ludvigsen also took photographs at the Lars Andersen show that day.

  3. The car is chassis no. 57401 with its second engine…a supercharged unit, no. C54 ex-57758. To set the record straight, Dr. Scher lived in NYC and Palm Beach, so the car did not belong to him at this meet…rather it belonged to Dr. Ivan Hartwell, who did live in Massachusettts. The car today is in the very capable hands of noted auto dealer, Simon Kidston.

  4. Engine n°: 298, now 54C from #57758
    Year: 1936 (agent: Georges Rand, New York, (USA))
    Licence plate: L 23 W (USA), K86-615 (USA), Roma 97449 H (I), 495 XUR (GB)
    Owner: Simon Kidston (UK)
    Former owners: Dr. Samuel Scher (USA), Dr. Ivan Hartwell (USA), André Surmain (USA) 1960, Vittorio Serventi (I) 1969- , Alfredo Celli (I)
    Type 57(C) Atalante

    – #066 VII° Giro Di Sicilia, Targa Florio, 27-30th April 1995, ALfredo Celli / Appendino
    – Festival Bugatti, Molsheim, September 1995
    – #47 Transappenninica, 2-7th May 2000, Alfredo Celli / Maria Teresa Appendino (I)
    – #45 Transappenninica, 1-6th May 2001, Alfredo Celli / Maria Teresa Appendino (I)
    – #84 VII° Raduno Bugatti Club Italia, Toscana, 2-8th June 2002
    – #23 Tour de Moravia, 2005, Alfredo Celli
    – Bugatti a Piacenza (I), 20-22th April 2007, Alfredo Celli
    – #25 Bugatti in Umbria, 8-14th June 2008, Alfredo Celli
    – Concours d’Elegance, Villa d’Este, 24-26th April 2009, display in Villa Erba Park for Bugatti Centenaire, Simon Kidston
    – IV° Salon Privé Concours d’Elegance, Hurlingham Club, London, 21-23th July 2010
    – Goodwood Revival Meeting, 17-19th September 2010, Simon Kidston
    – Uniques Special Ones Concourse d’ Elegance, Firenze, Italy, 24- 26 september 2010, Simon Kidston and Emanuele Collo
    – V° Salon Prive Concours d’Elegance, Syon Park, London, 22-24th June 2011
    – Goodwood Revival Meeting, 16-18th September 2011
    – Gooding & Company, The Pebble Beach Auction, 18-19th August 2012, Sold for $1,485,000

    See 57401 on :

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