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The Greene and Warnick Packard Dealership

We found this photo on Kurt Weaton’s blog about his grandfather Ivan’s exploits called Early Bird. The blog is first featuring the racing activities he participated in, which will then be followed by his aviation activities. After a bit of research we were not able to find out much about the firm, but it appears that they were at least in business between 1908 and 1911, when they placed these advertisements below in the Automobile Magazine offering some very interesting customers used cars for sale. Can any of our readers tell us more about the company?


5 responses to “The Greene and Warnick Packard Dealership

  1. My grandfather Carl August Johnson is the third person pictured in the photo. He immigrated from Sweden and was the chauffer for the Greene and Warnick families….he then joined Birch’s Garage….and then went into partnership with George Calhoun in Calhoun and Johnson’s Garage. It was large and successful…sold Huppmobiles and Marmon cars….the stock market crash and giving out lots of credit to customers caused them to close.

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