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The 1900 Packard Model B

The photo above shows a 1900 Packard Model B on the dynamometer being tested at the factory. This is the second model that was produced by the company, which can be seen fully equipped 9below) in a photo on the far-left left. The text below is from the May, 16 1900 Horseless Age magazine, which used the very same photo as the above, provided by The Ohio Automobile Co., which is was the company’s name at the time. This model in period advertising was called the 9 h.p. Standard. It had also been referred to as a Mark II, and it is believed that 29 model B’s were built, 2 examples of which survive.


Lessons of the Road below, a column in the Horseless Age, June 16, 1900 magazine gives full details of a trip under taken in a 1900 Packard from Cleveland , OH. to Buffalo, NY.  Photos from the Rod Blood Collection courtesy of the Larz Anderson Auto Museum.

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  1. i have a 1955 Packard 400, two door. i think it would be nice to acquire enough info that i could build myself a 1900 Packard model B

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