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The 1900 Model C Packard

Edward N. Bliss is seen posing in a Packard Model C.  The photo was taken by M. E. Bliss and has a notation (as many of these early photos do) that it was the property of Warren Packard. One has to wonder if H. G. Martin & Co. whose sign we can see on the building behind had a role in the early Packard development, as the sign mentions Electrical, Machine & Experimental Work.

Interestingly there were rapid changes at the time and we have below what appears to be the later Model C , but with a newly introduced steering wheel, a different cowl and an electric lamp in addition to the two oil lamps. Both models were one-cylinder with 12 h.p. Some 82 units were produced, of which 5 examples survive.  Photos from the Rod Blood Collection courtesy of the Larz Anderson Auto Museum.

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