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Links to Posts on The Hemmings Blog This Past Week

First off an excellent post by David Traver Adolphus about Walter Chrysler’s one off town car to be sold.

Next up is this great photo posed by Dan Strohl of an 1899 Locomobile which was owned and operated by the women on the left. Read more about the Locomobile at HMN

And finally a wonderful story, Chevrolet at 100: Pulling at your heartstrings. A post by Terry Shea telling the true story about Herb Younger’s sons tracking down and buying the car their dad sold because times were tough for the family in the 80’s.

2 responses to “Links to Posts on The Hemmings Blog This Past Week

  1. Posted for Pat Farrell, Amazing to see three adults in the seat of a Locomobile at one time. I have found that the Locomobile is crowded with only two people aboard, and that is with each of us hanging out trying to make room for the other. They must be very small people. This is a fantastic photo.

  2. That’s a great photo of the folks in the Locomobile. Can one imagine getting so formally dressed to take an automobile ride?

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