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1901 Packard Model C

The Packard Company was hard at work early on, with with new models coming out quite frequently. They were working on development and new features to make the Packard reliable and one of the best automobiles available. This 1901 Model C was the next step in that direction. The text below covers more details, but one the of most visible new details was the ‘steering pillar’ which folded forward and out of the way of the operator to make entry and exit easier. One other big change was the horizontal, front mounted radiator which was previously mounted under the car.

Photo above and below at left, of  W. A. Hatcher, one of Packard’s early engineers driving with Alasha Packard Davidson, sister of W. D. and J. W. Packard, who was in charge of a department at the factory, as a front seat passenger. The women in the back of the six-passenger model were members of the office staff. The second photo below shows a car which was sold to A. L. Mc Murtry who put two thousand miles on it that year. Text below right from the Horseless Age, Feb. 13, 1901. Photos from the Rod Blood Collection courtesy of the Larz Anderson Auto Museum.


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