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2011 VSCC Cotswold Trial at Prescott Hill

The VSCC Cotswold Trial was held last weekend at Prescott Hill in England and we have some wonderful photos from Stefan Marjoram, along with two very good videos (below) filmed by Janet Wright. Both give you a very good feel for this very unique British form of vintage motor sports which the whole family can join in on. The Janet Wright films are in parts I and II below and capture the action on the hill.

From information about Trialing with the VSCC: Trials are one of the oldest forms of motor sport and these “grass roots” events have paved the way for the birth of Hill climbs, sprints, rallies and driving tests. In essence, competing cars must climb sections of varying gradient and difficulty, being marked from 1 to 25 depending on how far you get. Each trial will typically have between 8 – 14 sections for a one day, and 14 – 18 for a two day trial. All the VSCC’s Trials are Production Car Trials, which broadly speaking means that most road going cars will be suitable (depending more on whether the owner want to cover his pride and joy in mud!).

6 responses to “2011 VSCC Cotswold Trial at Prescott Hill

  1. And a grand time was had by all!

    The Brits REALLY know how to have fun with vintage cars, no offense meant as I have done my fair share of static shows, but we tend to be a bunch of wimps here in the colonies.

    • Dennis, you are right, the British know how to have fun with their cars and take a different view of things than we do here in this country. Their old car activities foucus more on tours, rallies, racing and trials. They use cars in the way they were originally intended to be used and enjoy them.

  2. Thanx so much for this post, David. Though I have long been aware of this unique form of motor sport, I have never attended an event or seen video of one before. The great variety of vehicles, from a Type 13 Bugatti to a ’28(?) Chevy, from numerous airborne Austin Sevens to a bunch o’ Bentleys almost as numerous, is quite amazing. But the Model “A” Ford with the external loudspeaker blaring “The Ride of the Valkyries” and the two rotund gentlemen doing the “Traction Bounce” in that little car after the mid-hill mandatory stop just cracked me up completely.

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