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A Triumph in Bar Harbor Maine

Another photo from the Alden Handy collection, which shows us he must have liked to travel a bit, as here we see a photo he took in Bar Harbor, Maine on August 30, 1951. The car is a Triumph which appears to be wearing a British and also a 1951 South Carolina license plate. We are hoping that our readers will tell us all about this car. There appears to be plenty of Detroit iron in the parking lot, including a mid to late thirties Packard just behind it. Photo courtesy of Joe Puleo.

2 responses to “A Triumph in Bar Harbor Maine

  1. Posted for Richard Armstrong, This is an example of Triumph’s first post-war model, the Triumph Roadster. Triumph had gone broke during the war and this was the first car produced under the ownership of Standard. Unusually for the time, and due to steel shortages, it was aluminium-bodied. Two different Standard engines were used – from 1946 to 1948 a 1776cc unit and then a 2088cc for 1948 and 1949.

    Anyone who has ever seen the Jersey-based detective TV series “Bergerac” will recognise this model – the title character drove one. The registration plate indicates that the car pictured was first registered in Coventry, Triumph’s home city.

  2. Also known (perhaps a little bit unkindly) as the Triumph “Toadster” or “a sheep in wolves’ clothing”. I owned one for a couple of years during my student days and it was a bit dull to drive, but unlike most sports cars – it was great for courting as it had a bench seat, steering column gear change and a parking brake sited under the dashboard! Happy days. It was eventualy traded for a very thirsty 1947 Bentley which I could not afford to run.

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