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Saint Petersburg Florida, McDonald’s….1961

As we look back in time and at events in the past, often things end up looking very corny and this photo is but one instance. This was some kind of a promotion put on possibly by the newspaper or some civic organization in St. Petersburg. There were a series of photos with a Renault which may have been pink in color and a VW that was named “Wolfgang” at various different places around town. The text with the photos was laid out almost as if the two cars were out on a date. As we mentioned before, the whole thing is fairly “kitchy”.

Regardless the photographs are still interesting to look at today as they give us a view of the cars and the buildings at the time, in this case a Mc Donald’s. This photo is dated Dec. 2, 1961 and it is interesting to compare the McDonald’s sign we looked at earlier in the Detroit area, (scroll down) and compare it with this sign photographed four years earlier. If you can fill in any of the details or the location, please send us a comment. The Old Motor photo.


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  1. That’s a pretty rare Renault, a 4 CV, sold poorly in the US and by 1961 discontinued in favor of the Dauphine, which had a couple of good years here, then faded fast due to handling and corrosion problems. Dan Neil, the automotive critic once said “you could actually hear a Dauphine rusting.” Others in the pic besides the VW’s are a 59 or 60 Ford station wagon, a Ford Falcon and behind the trash container a 55 or 56 Plymouth.

  2. Posted for Bob Croslin,
    Holy Cow! This was my first ever McDonalds. My best friend’s brother was one of the original employees there and sometimes he’d sneak us an extra bag of fries. There were no tables, but there were two long tiled built-in benches down each side and bathrooms in the rear like a filling station. My most vivid memory of the place was sitting there eating when a gorgeous blonde woman pulled in driving a new XKE roadster which was pretty rare in itself. Jaws dropped when she got out carrying a small chimpanzee and walking an ocelot on a leash. Honest to God, I’m not making it up. My father almost flipped. She ordered some food, got served, and loaded the critters back in the car and drove off. Later I was told she had some relationship with a local kids show host, Cap’n Mac (Burl McCarty), but never knew for sure. This store was on 34th st. and across the street was Monkey Wards. Behind it you can see the back of the old Central Plaza shopping center. It appears to have holiday decorations hanging in the windows. I’m pretty sure that when it originally opened, the golden arch sign had a painted “100 million sold” on the sign and not long after, they had to change it to one that was changeable. I remember we used to joke about how they kept count. It’s interesting that they’re now building some stores to resemble those old ones with the actual golden arches as part of the building again.

  3. The correct address of the old Mc Donalds is…. 260- 34 Street North. Between 2 Ave. and Burlington Ave N. It is now called the Physicians Group LLC. You can see the old place on a Google Earth view

    • Correction…..Its the NW corner of Burlington Ave North Address is still 260-34 St N. Burlington Ave falls between 2 Ave and 3 Ave North

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