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Alden Handy and a Cord in New York City

Alden Handy captured this very interesting photo of a Cord parked on the street in New York City and captioned it only as follows “Cord convertible sedan. Taken on Lexington Ave., 24 May, 1951,  N.Y.C.”

After a bit of study it appears to be a well taken care of fifteen year old car at the time with a few changes. First off a pair of porthole vents have been installed on the very front of the hood. The big city parking no doubt took a toll on the delicate center of the original front bumper. It was replaced with something Detroit issue, along with five bumper guards to protect the shapely nose of the beautiful design.

The hubcaps have also been changed and the black wall tires, instead of the wide white walls we are used to seeing, give the classic a look that draws the eye more into the exceptional lines that it possesses, instead of emphasizing its tires and wheels. Photo courtesy of Joe Puleo.

3 responses to “Alden Handy and a Cord in New York City

  1. I have never seen a picture of one of these Cords without white side wall tires. To me it is like a different car car. I hope they kept the old bumper.

  2. I’ve seen those hood vents on other Cords. Could they be an OEM design change?

    It’s worthy of noting that the car shown is a supercharged Cord 812 (as opposed to the 810 which had no forced air induction but was more common).

    • Andy, I have seen the vents also installed on other cars but believe they were all done in the field possibly to get more airflow to the radiator.
      Being a city car, it probably spent a lot of time stuck in traffic and needed them to keep from overheating.

      Can any Cord expert fill us in on this and did these cars tend to overheat?

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