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Louis Chenot’s Incredible Model SJ Duesenberg Model

Since the start of coverage the Model J Duesenberg photos from the Fred Roe collection, we have been thinking of a way to show you the details of the chassis of one of these fine cars. The perfect way came to light recently while looking at Jesse’s justacarguy blog the other day.

Louis Chenot a master craftsman and model maker built this supercharged, Model SJ Duesenberg with a fully functional engine over a ten year period. This model is so well done and detailed that it is the perfect way for you to get a feel for the construction details of  the Model J and also take in this incredible accomplishment at the same time. These photos only show the chassis details, so do take the time to go to Jesse’s blog and see more detailed photos. While there you will find another link that will take you to more detailed photos of the project and information on Chenot along with his incredible workshop.



7 responses to “Louis Chenot’s Incredible Model SJ Duesenberg Model

  1. Lou is the best craftsman I have ever met. Extremely talented in all aspects of building virtually everything. Have been to his shop several times and always come away amazed. Also been to the museum to see this model. Spectacular!

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