Roy Repp and His Bucking Buick Auto “Maud” The Motor Mule

We were fortunate to be able to obtain a copy of the press photo above that was originally taken by well know photographer George Bain, of the Bain News Service, of New York City. After some research, we were able to identify this gent as Roy Repp and uncover quite a bit of information about him. The first photo below also shows him wowing the troops on the street in New York City on the same date as above and can be found on Wikipedia. The first clipping (below) shows him at an Ernie Moross race meet, Moross ran scripted events and owned most of the cars and the drivers all worked for him. At the left of this photo appears to be the Blittzen Benz.


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6 Responses to Roy Repp and His Bucking Buick Auto “Maud” The Motor Mule

  1. Jeff Downer says:

    I think the circus comparisons are on point. I wonder how how many clowns he got in that trunk?

  2. Posted for James,
    Really interesting history here. Is the car known to have survived?

  3. ben dover says:

    looks like it could be the first wheelstander. Trunk might have been filled with lead. During the heyday of the dragstrip wheelstanders, the Chuck Wagon had so much weight in the tailgate, it would wheelie backing off the trailer.

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