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A Georgia State Department of Health Curtiss Aerocar

We happen to think that any creation that came from the fertile mind of  Glen Curtiss is special and the Curtiss Aerocar is one of them. This particular rig was shown in front of the Public Health Service building in Washington, DC, on August 23, 1937.

It was part of a joint effort with the Georgia State Department of Health, to make health care more accessible to its populace. It was scheduled to service four counties and was staffed with a Doctor and two nurses. We believe that the tow car was a then new 1937 Pontiac, but are going to rely on our readers to tell us all about it. We have posted a   Curtiss Aerocar, which belonged to Philip K. Wrigley of the chewing gum family earlier, along with more techincal information. It was towed by a supercharged Auburn coupe, which appears to have a custom hardtop, that merits a look back on. The Old Motor photo.


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