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Oklahoma City….Beverly’s Grille

What a great photo with a perfect example of a near new art deco building from that time period. The only information we have with this photo is that it originated from Oklahoma City, OK. Out front and center is what appears to be a 1942 Oldsmobile and the Capitol Hill taxi behind it, maybe a 1939 Chevrolet. Chicken in the rough is a new one one us here in New England, but we have found out that it is fried chicken. Can anyone tell us if this building has survived? Photo courtesy of Donald Ellis.

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  1. I must say you are right, the architecture is the star of this image. That is a striking design. I guess it is too much to ask if the building has survived.

  2. I cannot help regarding the building, but much of Oklahoma City’s old downtown has been replaced by new modern buildings which are taller and more grand. My guess is that this structure disappeared a number of years ago – but I will also be glad to learn of the exact location and status.

    Beverly’s Chicken in the Rough was a very successful operation over fifty years ago. One of their locations was within a block of my maternal grandmother’s home – at 16th and May Ave. I believe that Beverly’s franchised several operations around the country, who then carried the “Chicken in the Rough” product.

    Great picture!

  3. I should have added a note on this picture. This was the original Beverly’s location on Grand Ave. Like most of my hometown it bit the dust in favor of “urban renewal” I once argued that urban renewal was worse than saturation bombing since there is more left of Berlin than Oklahoma City and self inflicted. This building was great! The darker parts of the facade are dark green glass.

  4. Yes, this is the first Beverly’s Chicken in Oklahoma City. This particular image is located where the new Devon Tower stands now in our downtown landscape. The tall building to the right of the image is Oklahoma City’s first skyscraper, the Colcord building, which stands next to our tallest today, Devon. The Colcord has been beautifully restored. I have a few menus from Beverly’s, which had a few restaurants across the cityscape and was VERY popular. I wish this particular diner was still standing though. ūüôĀ

    • I also have a menu of Beverly’s Drive In at 2429 Lincoln Boulevard, one block north of state capital, in Oklahoma City. The menu is mustard yellow, copyright 1937 by Beverly Osborne. Phone was 5-0724. My father had saved it from when he went to the university.

  5. The last Beverly’s still remains as a Pancake place on the Northwest Expressway. Still good food. I just miss the original downtown. Fond Memories. Complete with a little bucket of water to wash your fingers in at the table. LOL

  6. My mother was a waitress there and I have a picture of her and another waitress inside the diner. My father met her there when he put in an oven or some kind of appliance.

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