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Traffic Congestion is Nothing New

This press photo taken on Feb. 11, 1952, during the height of winter traffic on Corey Ave., shows us a long line of cars which lead back into St. Petersburg Beach, Florida. County officials at the time, almost sixty years ago were trying to come up with a solution to what they called, never ending traffic problems. The Old Motor photo.

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  1. Mickey’s Seafood was torn down ages ago, but this may be Pasadena Ave, which then becomes Corey Ave once on St. Pete Beach. Between February and April, the scene looks much the same today as traffic backs up from the beach onto the mainland, especially during spring break. It was right along this stretch that my dad rear-ended a tourist in his 6 month old 1952 Buick, mashing out the waterfall grill. Together, we all drove to our doctor’s office nearby, and my dad paid her bill to be seen. Can you imagine doing that today?

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