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Autumn Light at Prescott

The end of the 2011 British VSCC vintage motor sport season is seen in photos from Stefan Marjoram, showing some quite times and autumn light at the VSCC Cotswold Trial at Prescott Hill. You can take a look back at 2011 VSCC Cotswold trial here on The Old Motor and view more of Stefan’s fine photography along with two very good videos. These photos courtesy of Stefan Marjoram.

4 responses to “Autumn Light at Prescott

  1. David,

    Any idea what that pretty boat tailed car is in the main photo ? The instruments do not look prewar, more like mid 60’s Jaguar.

  2. Sorry about the lack of captions. It’s a Salmson – and David is correct – it’s the same car in the first B+W photo.

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