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Part Humming Bird, Part Jetson’s, Part Fish, Part Air Force?

This is the Ford FX-Atmos showcar, one of a dozen experimental cars that were on exhibit at the Chicago Automobile show, which was held in the International Amphi-theater and opened on March 13, 1954. The press photo caption tells us that it has radar antenna projecting from the headlight sockets and a rear mounted engine. The reality was that it appears to have been only a stationary show piece.

The body we have found referred to as being plastic and it was a test to see if the public would accept its styling features for the future. The Pearlescent white body was accented by a band of red on the front center. The bands on the top sides along with the tail-fins were ice blue. More views of this dream car can be seen at Modern  Mechanix. The Old Motor photo.

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