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General Motors Workers Return To Work In Flint, Michigan

This photo appears to have been taken at the end of a shift at a Chevrolet plant in Flint, Michigan, right after workers had gone back to work after a strike. The caption with the press photo, taken on Feb. 1, 1937, states that forty-thousand had gone back to work in ten different plants. Note what appear to be two photographers standing atop of the Ford sedan at the far left photographing the scene.

The adjoining factory buildings on the left side of the photo were a Fisher Body Company facility were the workers remained out on the strike. This was during a very difficult  time in Flint known as “The Vehicle City” and the Fisher workers occupied their plant during the strike. The Old Motor photos.

3 responses to “General Motors Workers Return To Work In Flint, Michigan

  1. So what’s with the Fords in Flint? A Model A front and center and what looks like a ’35 four cars back with the photogs on the roof.

  2. This is the famed “Chevy in the Hole” area on Chevrolet Avenue in Flint. The plants were built about 1920 by Billy Durant. Today, there is virtually nothing left, as GM tore down the remaining buildings several years ago.

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