The Grout Brothers Automobile Company

This quite rare postcard above, shows us a view of the Grout Brothers Automobile factory, which was located in Orange, Mass. The Brothers started experimenting with gas and steam cars in late 1890s and produced their first small steam car in 1900, followed by the first gasoline car in 1904. From 1906 on, the Grout’s only produced gasoline powered cars and based on the appearance of the car on the postcard, this view appears to possibly be from 1907 or later.

Because of a financial disagreement with their father in 1907 over the factory building, the brothers lost their company which was taken over by the father. From that point on the company’s success ended and it ceased operations in 1912. Postcard courtesy of Don Lang.  Photos below courtesy of Digital Treasures.


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2 Responses to The Grout Brothers Automobile Company

  1. doug says:

    Am I the only one that doesn’t know what a 5 inch Gong is ? Is it something to brag about on the spec sheet?

  2. Greg Rutler says:

    I’m going to guess and say the gong was for warning uncoming traffic (horse-drawn) of your approach. Some states mandated stuff like that.

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