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A 1940 Mercury and the Wonder of the “Automatic Top”

The Mercury which is attributed to the vision of Edsel Ford, had been introduced just a year before this photo was taken, as mid-range car that fit in price and size wise, between the Ford and the Lincoln Zephyr.

Several new features were introduced on this second year 1940 model, including the shift lever being located on the steering column, sealed-beam headlights and the new “auto-matic top”, seen being demonstrated in this press photo, dated June 1, 1940. Ford called this five passenger 1940 Mercury, the Club Convertible. The Old Motor photo.

2 responses to “A 1940 Mercury and the Wonder of the “Automatic Top”

  1. A frend had one of these when we returned to college after ww2. It was in my opinion, one of the
    prettiest Fords ever! I had a ’41 Super Deluxe 2 dr that I offered to trade him, but he would have
    none of that. Not surprising since he had an eye for beauty too.
    Never found another I could afford, but my later acquired 1963&1/2 Falcon Sprint had nice lines
    also, and several later features e.g. OH valve eng, 4 on the floor, Tech, and FM w/tape, so I settled
    for that. But I still hunger a bit. Fritz, UIU grad – 1953

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