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The Jamesville, Wisconsin General Motors Plant

We thought our readers might be interested in this photo of the recently closed GM plant in Janesville, Wisc. The photo is dated Jan. 25, 1948, and shows a station on the assembly line where the wheels are being installed on the new Chevrolet. It is a very interesting and action-packed photo filled with equipment and workers, that is quite interesting to study in detail. The upper left-hand portion of the photo also shows a parallel assembly line for trucks.

The plant was first opened in 1919 by GM, to assemble Samson Tractors. The tractors proved to be hard for the company to sell so the plant was changed over to Chevrolet production in 1923. The Old Motor photo.


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  1. Love photos like this, I’m fascinated with the design and engineering that goes into the machines that make the machines. Love the overhead feeders with the wheels and tires. Although I would have no desire to put lug nuts on all day long.

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