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The Custom Furniture Manufacturers Van

Not much is known about this Chicago based Custom Furniture Manufacturers van, but we suspect where it may have originated from. A look back at The Olson Rug Co. van reveals that it may have been built by the General Body Co. in Chicago. General body was a very creative firm that also built the original Oscar Mayer Wienermobile. Alden Jewell photo via Dan Strohl of the Hemmings Blog.

5 responses to “The Custom Furniture Manufacturers Van

  1. I wonder if they invented the clear plastic sofa covers? Looks like the windsheild and hood have a plastic cover. Bob

      • Doors are probably the most difficult part of a car to make, especially with windows that are supposed to move, etc. A clever solution here.

        Love tha thing, though. No doubt it was a big attention-getter in its day.

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