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An Assortment of Early Customs

We have a great series of photos courtesy of  Charlie Beesley’s motor life blog, showing us a varied selection of early customs. Above is an Auburn speedster shown after a bit of remodeling or possibly the Auburn body has been placed on a different makers chassis? . It appears to have had a Cadillac grille, fenders and headlamps installed. Other visible changes are the side pipes, a set of Packard hubcaps and possibly wheels. The photo was taken somewhere in California.

Below is a cute 1949 De Franceschi micro-car crafted in Torrington, Connecticut, it is parked at some type of an event in the fifties, wearing Connecticut plates on a caricature of a front bumper.

Below left to right; A mystery roadster in California wearing a set of Woodlites, a 1942-48 Buick convertible with a Dodge grille an a unique wrap-around front bumper and fender skirts, it is followed by another custom wearing also wearing a Dodge grille. If any of our readers has any information about any of the pictured cars we would be interested to learn more about them.


7 responses to “An Assortment of Early Customs

  1. Greetings! There’s a lot of Auburn Speedster to the boattail, but this wheelbase seems longer, with the trailing edges of the front fenders further from the windshield posts and space between the two young ladies and the rear fender. Maybe more Packard or Cadillac than meets the eye.

  2. Is the convertible to the left of the De Franceschi a Cisitalia? Could this be a photo in the parking lot at Lime Rock Park, or Thompson Raceway?

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