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“Sky Parking” in Baltimore

Charles M. Upham Jr., Deputy Director of the Department of Traffic engineering in Baltimore, Maryland, is shown demonstrating a new system called “Sky Parking” on March 6, 1956. The parking lot was located at 5 West Franklin St. in the city and the caption at the left tells us that Upham at the controls has the Oldsmobile halfway up.

This is a much safer solution than the last parking lot system we looked at, which was being tested in Spokane, WA. In that city, they were thinking of using a large fork-lift to place cars on one of three levels of a rack above a car parked on the ground. The Old Motor photo.

3 responses to ““Sky Parking” in Baltimore

  1. I like that the racks have a drip pan, imagine parking your new Cadillac only to have someones older, oil leaking car parked over yours all day…

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