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The Frontenac Ford Catalog Part I

A week or so ago we posted some very interesting photos of early customs from Charlie Beesley’s motor Also on his blog, Charlie has the two photos shown here of a Model T Ford speedster, wearing 1919 Montana plates. Having an interest in Model T Ford racing cars since being a youth, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to introduce you to the fascinating world of Model T Ford SPEED, racing equipment and cars.


This early Ford-based car appears to be a fairly tame road going speedster that may have been a father and son project judging by the faces in the cockpit in the photo below. Only ten years later, you can see from the excerpts of this 1929 Arthur Chevrolet Racing parts catalog above, just how far the racing equipment for the Model T had developed.

By the mid-twenties the Model T Ford was the most widely raced car in the county and a “Fronty Equipped” Ford managed to place fifth in the Indianapolis 500 race. Check out the pages of the “Fronty” catalog above and study them, as we will share more of this very interesting assortment for you in the near future. Included will be the dohc-16 valve cylinder head they manufactured, along with a complete line of racing parts and cars. See Part II of the Fronty catalog here.

11 responses to “The Frontenac Ford Catalog Part I

  1. David,

    It is interesting that Chevrolet advertises they have eliminated the troublesome guide pins in the cam followers. This is a direct reference to Harry Miller. The troublesome guide pins were still in the Offy in 1973 that did a 199 mph lap at Indy, so maybe it was the “good” kind of trouble he eliminated.

  2. David,

    I guess “new and improved” sells, even in 1929. $120 1929 dollars (around $1600 today) for an aftermarket cylinder head makes those new Edelbrocks heads look cheap. There is a lot of good information hidden in that catalog.

  3. David,

    The Montana Model T is fantastic! Likewise, I can’t wait to see more pics from the Fronty catalog. Thanks for Sharing.


  4. David, thank you for posting the Fronty Catalog #82, I’ve had an original copy of Catalog #81 for over 35 years that I treasure, there are subtile differances between the two, page layout, and price changes. Catalog # 81, is dated February 15, 1927, mine has a four page addition placed in the back with the SOHC and Model A Ford transmission adaptor. Interesting to note that they both mention all the aluminum castings are sandblasted to a silken finish. They must have had a good working relationship with Morton & Brett in Indianapolis,since they used the same body illustrations in their catalogs.

  5. Is there a printable version of the 1929 Frontenac catalog part one and two?
    I have some other articles and the books Model T Ford in Speed and Sport andThe fast Ford Hard book but not this one..

  6. I have a question about something I was told by a knowledgeable model T guy
    He told me a Chevrolet 4 cyl head will work on a model T making a cheap overhead set up. Does this in fact work and are there any examples running in a speedster.

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