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A Very Rare Hollywood Graham in Rio de Janerio, Brazil

This car represents the end of the road for the Graham Company, which up to 1929 had been called the Graham-Paige. It was also the end for Hupmobile, who in 1940 bought the left over Cord 810/812 body dies in a last ditch effort to save the company. Hupmobile was in bad  financial shape, but with Graham which was in just a little bit better strength, the two worked out a deal for Graham to manufacture the car for both companies and Hupp would buy the cars from Graham.

The Hupmobile was called the Skylark and the Graham which was supercharged at the beginning of the run was called the Hollywood. Within the year both makes were finished. It appears that some 319 Skylarks were built by Graham for Hupmobile. Graham is listed as having built 2859 cars in 1940, but part of these were the Sharknosed model. Both companies sold some of the left over models and dated them as 1941s. This Hollywood ended up in Rio de Janerio, Brazil, were both photos courtesy of our friend  Guilherme da Costa Gomes.

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  1. Graham actually made a distinct short production run of the 41 models. There were a couple of subtle differences with the 40s as well as a slightly different color palette.

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