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** Update-it survived ** Frank Mayes Homemade Three-Wheeler

** Update below **

Frank Mayes a farmer-mechanic, of Fayetteville, AR., built this three-wheeler from scrap Ford and Chevrolet parts over a 22 month period as a way to beat the post-war car shortage. The press photo is dated July 8, 1948, and the caption with it tells us that both driving and braking are controlled by the front wheels while the single rear wheel carried the steering duties. At the time in trial runs he had attained a speed of 55 mph with it.

We did find the same photo and similar description in Popular Mechanics of Mayes and his car. Interestingly with a patent search it was found that he had patented his design. Can any of our readers supply more information about this one-off ?  The Old Motor photo.

** Update **

In August of 2007, an old car collector from Muskogee, OK., was helping his father do some surveying on a property, and took these photos of what is clearly the remains of Franks Mayes car in Stigler, OK.

A month or so later he went back to check on it and found the the people that owned the property had moved and took it with them. So it appears to have survived and hopefully it has been saved. If any readers learn any more about it please keep us posted.


10 responses to “** Update-it survived ** Frank Mayes Homemade Three-Wheeler

  1. A fellow HAMBER, Chadillac, found the remains of this vehicle, but alas the property owners took it with them. I am forwarding this info to the HAMB, hoping this vehicle can be found and saved yet again!!!

    • Frank Mayes is my mothers 1st cousin. my dad has drove the care in 1948. i played in this car in the 50’s when I was a kid. I would like to hear from who owns this car. I have two other photos of this car.

  2. I am Frank Mayes’ daughter. I have several pictures and the original patent on this car and would love to find out more about where it is today. Just this last week I was visiting my aunt in Johnson, Arkansas and she said that someone in Oklahoma had gotten the car.

    Also, hello to my second cousin, James Graham.

  3. Frank is my great uncle. I live next to his old home. My cousin has the original patent paperwork. We have always believed that the car was sold for parts. This is some extremely amazing news!!

  4. Like James Graham l too grew up knowing this car..his mother and my dad were siblings..played in it in the fifties..sixties and seventies it was stored under Franks parents home in sort of a basement..when we visited that home l would always peek in at the car but l remember they always killed a lot of copperheads around it…It was a marvel to remember..don’t know the story behind it leaving, but it was a neat old car..But remembering my time with Frank later in his life made me appreciate the car more…He could build anything, and in my thirties l hung out at his shop on Highway 62, where Mr Boyle lives…He was a treasure to have known…hi, James and Donna…

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